Hair care tips

Shampoo every alternate day, daily shampoo strips the hair of essential moisture

If the hair is too greasy, wash with plain water on days without shampoo, water will cleanse the hair without stripping away essential oils

Gently massage hair using fingers in circular strokes to increase blood circulation

Gel is generally lighter and easier to work through the hair, pomades and creams are difficult to wash out due to their texture

For curly or kinky hair, use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of tangles, fine-tooth comb will cause hair to frizz


Skin care tips

Use a shaving brush to spread the shaving gel, it helps to lift the hair and prevent in growths

Shave after a shower, when the steam has softened the beard and the skin is slick and frictionless

Avoid products containing alcohol, which dries and tightens the skin, irritates sensitive skin

Swirl the shaving brush in baby powder and massage it onto the face, it will make the skin smooth and soft

Using sunscreen only during summers, or when stepping out in the sun, and ignoring it the rest of the year is the biggest skincare mistake

Apply sunscreen all year round to prevent premature aging


Personal care tips

Use deodorant directly on the skin (15cm away) for long lasting freshness

Body odor problem can usually be managed by getting rid of excess skin bacteria-which are responsible for the smell-rub wet alum (phitkari) on the armpits after bathing to eliminate smell causing bacteria

Wear natural fibers, such as wool, silk or cotton which allows the skin to breathe, which means sweat will evaporate quicker


10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Have

White, Colored & Patterned Dress Shirts

White, neutral colors and subtle patterns like pinstripes and plaid should be a part of every man's wardrobe.

Black Suit

No man's closet is complete without at least one suit, black is versatile and neutral, making it the ideal color for a starter suit.

Dark Jeans

Every man should own a pair of good, dark denim jeans that can be paired with a crisp shirt or t-shirt.

Khaki Chinos

Looking to change up your daily work attire? Try mixing the black suit jacket with a pair of khakis for a fresh look!


This small-but-mighty accessory can pack quite the style punch. Invest in a good steel or leather watch that goes with formals as well as casuals.


A casual solution for those situations where a jacket seems very formal, a cardigan will maintain the style as well as look.


Select ties in a variety of solid colors and designs for mixing and matching.

Polo T-Shirt

Transitioning effortlessly from a picnic with family to the neighbor's party, polo t-shirts are perfect for casuals.

Formal Shoes

For those formal occasions, no other footwear will do. Invest in a quality pair of both brown and black dress shoes to keep those feet looking fancy.

Leather belt

A leather belt goes well with casuals as well as formals, it goes with jeans, chinos as well as dress pants. Have at least one black and one brown leather belt that will match with every outfit.

Grooming for Success

The right grooming can magnify the chances of getting ahead in life. With that in mind, here are a couple of top tips to groom for success.

Dress for Success

Clothes have a way of reflecting our mood and attitude. Make sure the outfit is clean, neat, and ironed.

Focus on Your Posture

While sitting, standing, or walking, the back should always be in a straight position.


Hair is one of the most noticeable things that people look at when they see you for the first time. Frequent shampoo and conditioner use, and regular haircuts are “must-dos” when it comes to the overall grooming routine.


Skin is one of the most exposed parts of our body. Try using skincare products such as exfoliates, body washes, and moisturizers to keep the skin looking clean and fresh.


For some, this is the most difficult technique to master. By focusing on what others have to say, it shows that you care more about their needs rather than your own.

A Winning Smile

Teeth should be cleaned, flossed, cleaned again, and well rinsed. Also ensure to have a pack of mints handy. Avoid the gum at all costs though.


Finally, when it comes to deodorant and cologne, play it smart. Use an odour-free deodorant and let your cologne do the talking, but keep it subtle.