My Success Plan

03 8. Car Fund – 5% 6. Leadership Overriding Bonus – 15% 2. Performance Bonus – 5 - 11% 4. Business Building Bonus – 14% 5. Team Building Bonus – 3% 1. Savings on consumption – 10 – 20% 7. Travel Fund – 3% 10. Elite Club Bonus – 2% Vestige offers very rewarding bonuses for your untiring effor ts in promoting the business. Vestige Marketing Plan is specifically designed with the view of providing an equal business oppor tunity; it is an Accumulative Plan, where you never slide down from your existing level and ascend higher on the ladder of success. 3. Bronze Director Bonus – 4% 9. House Fund – 3% The following example helps explain the saving. In a business month, if you buy Vestige products wor th Rs. 10,000 for self-consumption you save up to Rs. 2000 for yourself Distributor Price + Saving = MRP As a distributor, you save this amount as the difference between MRP and Distributor Price. Vestige offers a retail profit from 10 to 20% on most of the products. Distributor 1 600 2,400 5,500 2,399 5,499 __ 599 Performance Bonus 5-11% Performance Bonus (PB) Schedule — 5-11% PERFORMANCE BONUS LEVEL A distributor has to qualify for getting the performance bonuses and is entitled to earn the bonuses according to the level qualified. Vestige offers very rewarding performance bonuses, which are amongst the best in the world of direct selling. To earn this performance bonus, the qualifying level of Point Value (PV) has to be accumulated. MIN MAX ACCUMULATIVE PV To receive performance bonus for a given business month, distributors must do personal purchase (at distributor price) of the following value in the business month: a) Distributors who earn up to 10% payout - 20 PV b) Distributors who earn 11% payout - 40 PV If in any case a distributor fails to make personal purchase, the bonus earned in that business month is carried forward and is released in the business month, when distributor makes the required personal purchase. 5 8 11 10 % EACH Senior Distributor Assistant BronzeDirector Bronze Director M A R K E T I N G P L A N Savings on Consumption 10 - 20% Ten ways to earn income