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SPECIFICATIONS RECOMMENDED FILTER LIFE Description Model No. Filter Stages Size WxDxH (mm) Weight (kg) Location Type RO Type & Brand Tank Capacity (Litre) Filter Variation Applicable For TDS Range (PPM) Flow Rate (Litre/Hour) Water Pressure (PSI) RO Filter Type Recovery Rate Power Power Consumption (W) Maximum Water Capacity Per Day (L) Operating Temperature of Inlet Water Sharp RO Water Purifier WJ-R515V-H 6 Stages of Filtration 358 x 273 x 482 6.9 Wall Mounted 75GDP DOW RO 6 Pre-sediment 1 Pre-AC 1 Sediment 1 RO 1 Disruptor 1 UV in Tank-1 Brackish/Tap/Municipal/Corporation Upto 2000 mg/L 15 5-40 PSI (15 feet Height Gap Mandatory) Thin film Composite (DOW) Greater than 50% 220V-240V AC/50 Hz 48 60 5°C to 40°C Sharp Business Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. Address : Plot No. A9, 3rd Floor, Add India Center, Sector 125, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 Contact us : I Toll Free No. : 1800-419-4322 I Website : Cartridge Pre-filter/PP Filter Carbon Bock Filter RO Membrane Disruptor (Alumina Fibre) Cartridge life (months) The state of failed filter cartridge The result of not replacing the filter cartridge Blocking water, the pump works hard and reduces the life of machine The pump works hard and reduces the life of RO membrane Water quality continues to deteriorate Poor water taste 3-6 The exterior has been covered by sludge or impurities 6-8 Exhaustion capacity Up to 24 TDS value rises or output water ow will stop 8-12 Exhaustion capacity

The Most Sophisticated, Smart & Durable RO Water Purification System. ELEVATE TO LIFE'S PUREST VERSION. SHARP VESTIGE WATER PURIFIER ENSURES PURE WATER ROUND THE CLOCK WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY & BENEFITS WJ-R515V-H 50% MORE THAN 50% WATER RECOVERY WITH DOW RO MEMBRANE 99.9%* PURE WATER WITH 6-STEP PURIFICATION *Purity tested by TUV SUD South Asia Pvt. Ltd. CONSISTENT PURE WATER WITH LED UV STERILISATION IN TANK *Percentage to be confirmed after test results Marketed By:- Vestige Marketing Private Limited. Warranty is not applicable on units purchased from any other sources including online portals such as Amazon & Flipkart TM MADE IN INDIA

THE PUREST WATER WITH SHARP YOUR PERFECT PURIFICATION PARTNER ^From the date of i ns ta l l at i on . Environment Friendly Material Smart Design for Ease of Installation Quick Indication for Machine Operation TANK FULL FLUSH FILTER POWER OneYear OnsiteWarranty^ Pre-sediment Filter An internal filtration system that can be periodically washed to improve the filter life Carbon Block Filter Removes chemical toxins and colour RO Filter High quality DOW RO Membrane ensures more than 50%water recovery Disruptor One of a kind technology enhances water quality and taste With an advanced, unique and durable filtration system, that blocks itself to ensure consistent purity in every sip. STEP BY STEP FILTRATION Removes large particles upto 5 microns (Sand, Mud, Iron, Bleach etc.) PP Filter UV LED Sterilization The UV LED inside the tank works for 30 minutes after every two hours to ensure ‘last mile purification’.

SHARP WATER PURIFIER WITH ONE-OF-A-KIND BENEFITS LED UV Sterilization in tank decontaminate the filtered water every 2 hours. RO removes viruses and bacteria, so there’s no need of UV in the filtration stage. However, there are chances of germ regeneration in water that’s stored in the tank. The UV Sterilization ensures that you get pure water 24/7. Inbuilt UV-LED bulb in the tank treats stored water periodically to ensure safe drinking water round the clock. Pure Water Round the Clock Cleanest Water Promise Step by step purification in the Sharp Water Purifier ensures 99.9%* purity. Humans require drinking water with fewer impurities, which can easily be absorbed by the body. We deploy high-grade filtration systems, state-of-the-art purification, and the best quality filters that ensure superior quality. *Purity tested by TUV SUD South Asia Pvt. Ltd. (TUV Test Report Number GGN/F(C/M)/22/006668) Water Recovery DOW RO Membrane ensures more than 50%** water recovery. This filter helps to recover more than 50%** water. To ensure that water is saved, the DOW RO Membrane in the Sharp Water Purifier secures every half a drop of water resources. **Based on i nterna l tes t i ng .

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