Inspired by Ayurveda

Ayurveda – the Mother of all Healing Systems and the most advanced Medical Science, that was well-documented almost 5000 years ago, is the Ultimate Solution for modern-day Health challenges.

The World Health Organization defines Health as: “A State Of Complete Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing and Not Merely the Absence of Disease.”

This very concept was envisaged by Ayurveda Acharya Susruta, way back in 1000 BC:

Despite the numerous advancements in the fields of Medical Science and Technology, the quality of life for human beings in general, hasn’t really improved. Blame it on the blind pursuit of money, our erratic lifestyles, or our ‘taking our Health for granted’ attitude, today; we are prone to more diseases and ailments than our forefathers were. If we introspect, then maybe we will realize that our former generations had a much more Natural, Stress-free and Organized Way of Living.

The Golden Rule of ‘Health is Wealth’ still holds true. Very painfully, we have realized over a period of time that a ‘Healthier person is indeed Happier’!

Therefore, having understood where we are going wrong, it is time for us to get our basics right, and try and reclaim our lives. That is where Ayurveda comes into the picture – the ancient Indian Healing and Wellness Science, which is indeed a ‘Gift to Mankind’.

Keeping the objective of taking the Indian Wellness Science, Ayurveda global... Ayusante has taken upon itself, the responsibility of exploring the Heritage of Ayurveda through the eyes of Modern Science./


Join us in this revolution to take Ayurveda global, and be a part of Ayusante - a unique combination of Ayurvedic Heritage coupled with validation by Modern Science.