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When the Pitta Body Type goes Out of Balance!

So, in our previous post, we spoke about how perfect the Pitta body types are when in balance. Along with great health and a focused mind, the Pitta body types also enjoy complete harmony at work and in personal life when in balance. But just like their inclination towards perfection, the Pitta body types also have an ugly side when out of balance.

· We already know that Pitta is “Agni” or the Fire Element. Hence, when out of balance, they tend to get dominating, short-tempered and stubborn.

· Pitta is crucial for the digestive system, as it is the transformational energy that helps process our food into nutrients. But with a Pitta imbalance, liver and gastrointestinal diseases become more common.

· Stomach ulcers, acidity and jaundice as well as vision impairment, insomnia and boils are some of the diseases that are caused due to a Pitta imbalance.

· In behavioral terms, the Pittas become rude, overpowering and unfriendly, which can put their personal and professional life in jeopardy.

· Their ability to comprehend things dips drastically, which can make them irrational and stubborn, leading to poor decisions and mistakes.

Here are some of the major drawbacks of the Pitta body type when out of balance:

· Alochaka Pitta (Pitta governing the eyes): The eyes get affected, leading to eye infections like conjunctivitis, redness, inflammation and sty.

· Bhrajaka Pitta (Pitta governing the skin): Usually known for their radiant skin, the Pitta body type can become prone to skin rashes, acne and boils.

· Sadhaka Pitta (Pitta governing the mind): Unreasonable, demanding, stubborn and workaholic, Pittas go haywire with their life when they go out of balance.

· Pachaka Pitta (Pitta governing digestion): Digestive tract goes for a toss giving rise to gastrointestinal diseases like gas, acidity and stomach ulcers.

· Ranjaka Pitta (Pitta governing the blood): Immunity reduces drastically, and also leads to premature aging, anger and toxins in the blood.

Hence these are some of the damages that excessive Pitta can cause to the body and mind. But like everything has its own preventive measures and cures, even for a Pitta body type, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help them maintain their health and beauty. Stay with us to know more about the tips to keep Pitta in balance.

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