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    Global 100 Awards

    Vestige won the prestigious Global 100 Awards for three consecutive years to become a globally recognised and fast-growing company. In 2019, we ranked #63. This award exemplifies Vestige’s commitment towards transforming lives and share the joy of Wellth with one and many.

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    Great Place to Work Certified

    Vestige received the prestigious Great Place to Work® certification for the second consecutive year, first for the year 2019-20 and now for 2020-21. This accomplishment shows that Vestige is an organisation which is creating a culture driven by trust, fairness, and respect. Vestige has been recognised as one of the few organisations which has proven that nurturing talent and building relationships characterised by trust, fairness, and respect drives employees to perform their best.

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    National Best Employer Brand 2019

    Vestige won the National Best Employer Brand Award 2019 at World HRD Congress for the second time in a row. This achievement represents the triumph of a people-centric leadership which has spawned a culture of trust and respect within the Vestige family over the years. As an organisation, Vestige has become one of the chosen few companies that have excelled in providing an equal, fair and transparent work culture to its employees.

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    Global HR Excellence Awards

    Vestige is proud to announce that it won the Global HR Excellence Awards 2019 for Best Workplace Practices. It is a testimony of our commitment towards improving our workplace and enrich the lives of our employees.

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    National Best Employer Brand 2018

    As an organisation Vestige has not only honoured talent, it has been nurturing and developing talent through a multitude of innovative practices, which keep the company at competitive leverage vis-à-vis its competitors. Vestige won the National Best Employer Brand 2018 by becoming one of the chosen few companies that have excelled in providing an equal, fair and transparent work culture and growth platform to its employees who have played a crucial role in driving the locomotive of its business.

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    North India Best Employer Brand Award 2018

    The award recognises organisation that are successful in effectively attracting talent, retaining talent, developing talent and in retention policy. This award is intensely researched by a team of experts from academics and corporate and chaired and headed by Dr. Indira Parikh Ex-Dean of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. North India Best Employer Brand Awards 2018 features the top organisations from North India region who are exemplary in Human Resources Development.

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    Best Nutraceutical Company of the Year Award in 2017 & 2018

    Vestige won the Best Nutraceutical Company of the Year Award in 2017 & 2018 at ABP News Healthcare Leaderships Awards.

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    India’s Best Company of the Year 2017

    Vestige has been awarded as 'India's Best Company Of The Year 2017' by IBC - International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA as the 'Best Health & Personal Care Products Company.

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