Sharp Air Purifier - New Allergen Mode

RESPIRATORY HEALTH IN INDIA 32% of Indians have respiratory issues* Alarming rise in respiratory diseases in the last 5-7 years Ask yourself – Are respiratory issues restricted to only larger cities? Are respiratory diseases not common in every home and even smaller towns? MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS AUTOMOBILE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY THINK As parents we handpicked soap, shampoo, etc. Unfortunately, our awareness about the child’s skin and hair safety is more prevalent than the air they breathe. *As per National Burden of Diseases Study in 2017. COMMON HEALTH PROBLEMS COLD COUGH ASTHMA ALLERGY BRONCHITIS It is quite evident that respiratory diseases are on the rise since 2016. ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE DOING ENOUGH TO ENSURE YOUR CHILD'S HEALTH? Around 11000 litres of air passes through our lungs everyday. The first thing consumed by any newborn is air. Our ignorance regarding air and the hazards of its impurities can cause severe damages to the respiratory health of newborns. DON’T YOU THINK IT’S TIME TO PUT SOME MORE CARE INTO THE AIR WE BREATHE ?