India E-Catalogue_ August 2022_English

Leading Ways to Healthy Living 09 12 VESTIGE PRIME Truly outstanding and specifically designed products to provide optimum nutrition and superior health. 47 54 ASSURE NATURAL A vegan and cruelty-free natural personal care range made with ethically-sourced ingredients. 103 104 MACH DRIVE The key to keeping your vehicle’s engine in top condition while reducing environmental impact. 07 08 WATER PURIFIER Provides purer, tastier water for the family no matter where they are. 45 46 VESTIGE ESSENTIAL Essential products that help in maintaining good health and hygiene on a daily basis. An assurance of total care & nourishment of the skin, body and hair through a wide-range of products. 55 78 PERSONAL CARE 87 96 HOME CARE From sparkling clean utensils to the lucent shining glass windows and floors, an impression of you and your lifestyle. 105 108 TRUMAN A unique blend of nobility, tough masculinity, timeless elegance and modernity. 97 102 AGRICULTURE Agricultural products based on modern biotechnology that help increase yield. 79 82 WOMEN HYGIENE A unique range of products that gently care for women’s intimate hygiene while being tough on germs. 83 86 ORAL CARE Innovative range of products that enhance oral hygiene and brim you with confident smile. 123 128 MISTRAL OF MILAN A complete range of premium quality colour cosmetics that lets her be anything she wants to be. 129 130 BUSINESS TOOLS Tools to help you learn, adapt and grow your business. 31 36 AYUSANTE From Ayurveda to Ayusante, a traditional science of natural way to wellness. 37 44 HEALTH FOOD A variety of food that happen to be a companion and catalyst to your charming health. 13 30 HEALTH CARE To live a qualitatively better healthy life, step into the world of wellness. 06 AIR PURIFIER Improves the quality of air indoors and creates a safe environment for our loved ones. 109 122 SKIN FORMULA 9 A perfect skincare range that fulfils every woman’s dream of possessing beautiful, immaculate skin.