Vestige Sharp Water Purifier Booklet

THE PUREST WATER WITH SHARP YOUR PERFECT PURIFICATION PARTNER ^From the date of i ns ta l l at i on . Environment Friendly Material Smart Design for Ease of Installation Quick Indication for Machine Operation TANK FULL FLUSH FILTER POWER OneYear OnsiteWarranty^ Pre-sediment Filter An internal filtration system that can be periodically washed to improve the filter life Carbon Block Filter Removes chemical toxins and colour RO Filter High quality DOW RO Membrane ensures more than 50%water recovery Disruptor One of a kind technology enhances water quality and taste With an advanced, unique and durable filtration system, that blocks itself to ensure consistent purity in every sip. STEP BY STEP FILTRATION Removes large particles upto 5 microns (Sand, Mud, Iron, Bleach etc.) PP Filter UV LED Sterilization The UV LED inside the tank works for 30 minutes after every two hours to ensure ‘last mile purification’.