Voice Issue 43

DIAMOND DIRECTOR 34 NEW ACHIEVERS, FEBRUARY - APRIL 2023 Voice Issue 43, June 2023 I am extremely thankful to my team members from whom I have got tremendous support through thick and thin. I was able to change my life because of Vestige and I wish I could help others to change their lives too. I am very satisfied by joining Vestige. Wish you Wellth! MADHU BABU AREPALLI Vestige is a company that focuses on spreading wellth and I am happy to be associated with it. Their world-class product offerings are of international standards at very affordable prices. They have the best product selection when it comes to goodness and positivity. I am glad that I joined Vestige. Wish you Wellth! VADKIPALLY RAJU Vestige gives me liberty not just with the opportunities to be economically independent, but it allows me to work according to my schedule flexibility. I can plan my day according to my priorities around my family business. As I consider myself a family-oriented man, I love being around them always to protect them financially as well. I am grateful to Vestige! NAGENDRA AMAR BIKY It was the Vestige management that encouraged me to work hard and ensure that I reach to this success. I wouldn’t be in this prestigious position. Given the incredible business strategy, I have been able to lead a luxurious life. Vestige is undoubtedly the best direct-selling company in India. Wish you Wellth! OUOLO DOMINIQUE KARIDIOULA (GHANA) I have been aassocited with Vestige for a long time and I found that this is the company which is dedicated to making your success story come true. Vestige management is always available to support you so that you can become economically independent. I am very thankful to everyone at the company who has supported me and helped me reach this level. Wish you Wellth! DAOUDA SAVADOGO (GHANA) I want to express my gratitude to my respected upline and downlines for helping me throughout the years and for developing my enthusiasm in this industry. I also give credit to Mr. Bali for developing this fantastic platform, I really appreciate the Vestige management for this. Future success will undoubtedly be even bigger, I’m confident. I am ready to fly high. KOKO YVETTE BENE (GHANA) My entire life has transformed because of Vestige. I was always looking for opportunities to become economically independent and ensure that I can meet the livelihood for my family. After I joined Vestige, I understood that there is always something fresh to aim for in Vestige’s system, which is impressive. I’m inspired to put my best effort forward every day so that i can take steps towards a successfull future. Thank you Vestige for all the support. NDRI BLA JOELLE BROU (GHANA) I am glad I have succeeded this far, and I know I can do better. When I realised that the marketing strategy of Vestige was effective, I joined Vestige as an independent distributor with the expectation of earning money. I was astounded to observe that as I meticulously followed the business plan, I gradually started to experience success. Wish you Wellth! MARINA GNOLOUNE (GHANA) I am quite grateful to know about the direct selling business. Vestige is incredibly the best organization that has greatly inspired me. My team has been my strongest supporters, and I was happy to see the hardworking and friendly employees who inspired me to give it my all at every new level. Thank you Vestige! AHOU VIVIANE (GHANA) After a proper analysis, I jojned Vestige and I am happy to be a member of the Vestige team. As i came to know about the success plan of this organization, I become enthusiastic about the future we have together. My extraordinary achievement within the system is the consequence of my perseverance. If I can do it, anyone can succeed in Vestige, I’m confident. WONGBANAN SORO (GHANA) Vestige gave me the opportunity to become special when I used to assume I would remain a regular person. I have been working with Vestige for a while, and more than the money I have made, I have gained respect after being associated with Vestige. This business is unique in its sort. I am loving it. GEORGE K SEGBEDJI (GHANA) I appreciate all of the support and encouragement I have received from Vestige management, downlines, and uplines. Without them, I would not have experienced the level of achievement I have. I have gained confidence in my abilities thanks to this company, which helped me regain my faith in myself. OLIVIA ADJEI (GHANA) Vestige completely surprised me while I was looking for a means to increase my income and become economically independent. I am pleased to thank Vestige’s marketing strategy and its management that I now can enjoy the financial security. I am pleased to tell that my efforts have paid off, and I believe that this is the path to success. Thank you Mr. Bali. Ofelia Pinig (PHILIPPINES)