Voice Issue 43

CROWN DIRECTOR NEW ACHIEVERS, FEBRUARY - APRIL 2023 28 Voice Issue 43, June 2023 After joining Vestige and working according to the plan, I have succeeded to this point, and I am confident that I will succeed much more. I appreciate the help from my team and downlines, and I’m looking forward to work hard and reach the summit. People like me can now respect each other thanks to Vestige. Vestige, I am really oblidged. VINUKONDA RAJESH I would like to thank Vestige because today I am able to support my loved ones and make sure they live happy lives. I am inspired to work harder in this industry since I can already see how success in company can improve my life. All of this is a result of the fantastic business plan. The management is great and I feel that everyone should join Vestige if they want to live economically independent life. SRI SRI ASSOCIATES Vestige has enabled me to get where I am, which is where I didn’t believe I would be. I am grateful to my upline for supporting me when I lost faith in myself. I can currently afford the luxuries of life since I am a self-sufficient individual. I am delighted to report that my dreams are coming true. SENTISENLA I was given a platform through Vestige to discover my talents and use them to grow into the best version of myself. My old employment never completely satisfied my hunger because I have always been ambitious. For providing me with this opportunity and completely altering the direction of my life, I would like to express my gratitude to Vestige and its management. DEEPA SINGH I joined as an independent distributor because the success story of my esteemed upline inspired me and I wanted to fulfil my aspirations too. Vestige with its excellent success plan has helped me reach my aspirations. I never anticipated rewards for my efforts but now I am achieveing everything that i have dreamt of. I am happy to express that I have accomplished more than I could have ever dreamt of. VANGA SHARADA I am very thankful to Vestige as it has the plan to provide incentives to customers, such as car, house, and travel funds. Vestige operates in a way where there is always something new to strive for and a new level to reach. Each of these goals is something I am striving towards, and I am slowly but surely getting there. Wish you Wellth! PITANI ANANTHA LAKSHMI This was an opportunity of a lifetime and it came through my respected upline. Their encouragement and support, right from day one, has been integral to my success. I thank God for connecting me to Vestige and I can happily say that I look forward to reaching greater heights. CHITTURI S R MOHAN Vestige has assisted me in gaining respect from society. To support my family was my only concern when I joined Vestige as an independent distributor, I was able to meet with all the requirement. I wanted to provide my family with a pleasant life and it was possible due to Vestige. SONALBEN DINESHBHAI DHOLARIYA