Voice Issue 43

27 CROWN DIRECTOR NEW ACHIEVERS, FEBRUARY - APRIL 2023 June 2023, Voice Issue 43 The future in Vestige looks very promising. I always had an interest in business and dreamt of being an entrepreneur. Vestige is the opportunity that I was looking for and this organisation has allowed me to grow my own business. Not just that, I am earning a comfortable living as well. Thank you Vestige. SARBJEET SINGH I have joined Vestige quite a long time back and I found the company to be very great. I hope to keep working with this fantastic institution and am really delighted to be a member of the Vestige family. I was initially drawn to Vestige because of its thorough marketing strategy. Vestige is a forward-looking corporation that takes the future into account. Thank you Vestige. SALUGU. KANAKA LAXMI I was looking for a platform that would allow me to have both time, freedom and financial independence, and Vestige is the only one that can help in achieving this dream. I owe it to my respected upline for introducing me to Vestige’s seemingly limitless opportunities. Wish you Wellth! SRINIVAS CHARY PONNOJI I give kudos to Mr Bali for this amazing platform, where anyone can achieve financial independence and secure their future. I think that in the current times, self-reliance has become a necessity for the average person. Thanks to the exemplary Vestige marketing plan, I have created a business for myself. MOHAMMED SAYEED I am very thankful to this company for turning my life around. For those looking to make a career in direct selling, look no further than Vestige. As an independent distributor of this company, I have seen a good number of success stories being made, including my own. VANUMULA. RAMANAMMA There were times when I felt unsure about my position as an independent distributor in Vestige, but my upline always motivated me and helped me back on track. My upline has been critical in ensuring my continued success. My success story is made possible because of them. SRINIVASULU VADDE I am in a good position right now I hope to succeed even more there. I made the decision to join as an independent distributor after personally experiencing the superior quality of Vestige’s product. I appreciate the management’s constant encouragement and willingness to assist. I would like to thank to my downline as well. KEDAR PRASAD DEO My advice to all is to follow the system and work accordingly. Their comprehensive success plan outlines how independent distributors can find success at Vestige. You are sure to achieve success this way. I am proud to say that I am a member of the Vestige family and I have achieved so much within the system. AAUJI PRAKASH GANESH