Voice Issue 43

22 DOUBLE CROWN DIRECTORS NEW ACHIEVERS, FEBRUARY - APRIL 2023 Voice Issue 43, June 2023 I am very proud to be associated with Vestige, a company that always spreads goodwill and vision to become economic independence. It has international standard products that one can purchase at affordable prices. Vestige offers a wide selection of do-good products that can enrich your life with their goodness and positivity. In addition to this, I am even very thankful to my team members that have been an invaluable part of my life. Working as an Vestige distributor all my team mambers have stuck by me through thick and thin and helped me reach the peak. My life has been changed because of Vestige and I hope to change more lives through my work. Thank you Vestige and management. AMAR DHARAM SINGH MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA