Voice Issue 43

DOUBLE UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR 20 NEW ACHIEVERS, FEBRUARY - APRIL 2023 Voice Issue 43, June 2023 I am from Nepal , I was working as watchmen in Mumbai for 10 years. Dreams were far away, I could not even fulfill my needs. I didn't even go to my hometown for 10 years, all because I wanted to do something in life. Lockdown happened in the year 2020 due to Covid-19, and it was the time when I found that everything was over, but thank God that in that difficult time I got the support of Vestige company. With its help, I have fulfilled many dreams by being alive, bought a car, built a house, travelled abroad and even helped thousands of people's lives. I could reach here in just three years and become DUCD. I would like to thank Healthy Living Nepal , Vestige Management, my entire global team from the bottom of my heart. RABINDRA JAISHI THANE, MAHARASHTRA