DIAMOND DIRECTOR 40 NEW ACHIEVERS, APRIL - MAY 2022 Voice Issue 39, June 2022 Vestige has helped me gain health and wealth. Vestige believes in wellness and, as a person who has always been looking to better my health, I felt inspired when I joined as an independent distributor. My life has changed for the better and I thank my upline for this opportunity. Economic independence is important in these tough times and Vestige offers people a way to achieve this. I was very impressed by its amazing success plan and I joined as an independent distributor immediately. This company has made it possible for anyone to be successful. I hope to help more people become healthy and gain wealth. My health used to be poor but then I learned about Vestige's health supplements and began taking them regularly. My health improved significantly and with this new-found belief, I joined Vestige as an independent distributor. Vestige came into my life with an unmissable opportunity and this company has helped me become the best version of myself. I am now more confident, more secure and I feel like a whole new person. Many thanks to Mr Bali and the management for coming up with this amazing platform. The Vestige business plan has helped me take back control of my life. This company gave me the chance to shape my destiny and now I can say with pride that I am a successful person. I would like to thank my downlines for always supporting me and encouraging me. My success was made possible due to these amazing people and their hard work. I am very thankful to have such a great group backing me and helping me through my Vestige journey. My upline changed my life by introducing me to Vestige and their products. In turn, I introduced Vestige to my friends and family, and then expanded my circle of reach. I am very happy that this company gives me the chance to change the lives of those around me. Thank you, Vestige! It's only been a little time since I've been working with Vestige, but in that time I've gained so much. Vestige has given me, not just health, but also wealth. Vestige's success plan is easy to follow because the products are so good; they bring in people by themselves. I am impressed by the quality and because these products are manufactured in India, this is another point of pride. Vestige makes me proud to be associated with such a company. I was looking for a way to earn money and become financially independent when Vestige came my way. I have paid off the debts I had incurred and it is truly a liberating feeling. Now I am in a position where I can afford the good things in life and support my loved ones financially. I am glad that I got this opportunity to spread Wellth through my upline; I had never thought I would be in such a respected position today. Thank you to my upline for being an amazing and supportive mentor who was always ready to assist me and help me out. I would not be here without them. I harnessed my passion and have achieved untold success. Are you a passionate individual who is searching for the right opportunity to showcase their talents? If yes, then Vestige is the platform for you. This is the perfect place to meet like-minded people who are driving towards the same goal - to spread Wellth. Wish You Wellth! PARWATI DEVI LAKSHMI DEVI SANAPALA DAMODARRAO SWETAPADMA KHATUA GURPREET KAUR BALAKRISHNAN P GANDHIMATHY T VIJAYA LAKSMI GOTTUMUKKALA ANIRUDHA MEHER KRISHNARJUNARAOTIRUKKOVALLURI CHUNGILAL KARUAN AGOSSABIENVENUDOMAGNI(GHANA) PERIASAMY HAROUNA OUATTARA OUELO(GHANA) Vestige is a company which exemplifies Aatmanirbharta. For over 18 years, it has been championing this cause and hoping to give people a way to change their lives. I am proud to be a part of the Vestige family for this company has made my dream of being financially independent come true. Thank you for everything, Vestige. My thanks to my upline for introducing me to this opportunity and for encouraging me every step of the way. I was working a regular job but I took up direct selling on a part-time basis because I needed some extra income at the time. Soon, I found that my earnings at Vestige outstripped my expectations and I am now pursuing it full-time.