DIAMOND DIRECTOR 38 NEW ACHIEVERS, APRIL - MAY 2022 Voice Issue 39, June 2022 I am happy to have achieved this level of success and I am sure I can go farther. I joined Vestige as an independent distributor expecting very little returns, but changed my tune when I saw that the marketing plan was working. I was amazed to see that, little by little, as I followed the business plan to the letter, I began gaining success. Thank you, Vestige! I feel so blessed - in a time where everything appeared uncertain, Vestige helped me stay on track and continue earning. I never had to worry about my finances and I could focus on staying healthy and helping out my community in their times of need. I am so thankful to be acquainted with this company. Vestige is very transparent about its inner workings and this factor motivated me immensely. I was pleased to see the dedicated and helpful staff who encouraged me to do my best with every new level and my team have been my biggest supporters to date. I feel privileged to be a part of the Vestige family… it has changed my life completely. Vestige made me completely Aatmanirbhar. I am financially stable and a confident member of society; my worries about sustaining my household are behind me. My unimaginable success within the system is not a fluke, but a result of my hard work and determination. I am proud to be a part of the Vestige family and I look forward to my future with Vestige. I am sure that if I can do it, anyone can achieve success in Vestige. Many thanks to Mr Bali and the management for continuously innovating direct selling and giving people like me a dream. I would like to thank my upline for introducing me to Vestige and changing my life. I never expected to find myself in such an amazing position in life. I used to think that I would stay an ordinary person, but Vestige helped me become extraordinary. I have been with Vestige for some time now and more than the monetary gains that I have received, I am truly grateful for the respect I have gotten. This company is one of a kind. Vestige is indeed the best direct-selling company within India, and this is because of the amazing business plan and the immense support an independent distributor receives from the company. I would not be in this esteemed position was it not for the encouragement from the management. Wish You Wellth! I never thought this would be possible before, but Vestige is a place where the impossible becomes possible. I am a prominent member of society now and people look to me for advice and encouragement. I think that this is a great platform for anyone seeking to taste success. I had been struggling financially for a while when my upline introduced me to Vestige. I didn’t think this was a venture I wanted to get into but, little by little, I began using the products and saw positive results. I continued following the success plan and saw things changing for me. Thank you for everything, Vestige! I had big dreams, one of which was to make a difference in people’s lives. WIth Vestige, I can lead other people down the path of success and help them change their lives too. It is such a heartening feeling to be in such an esteemed position and none of this would've been possible without Vestige. First of all, thanks to my mom and dad who introduced me to this world. Next, thanks to the wonderful universe that gave me this wonderful Vestige business. Thank you so much to Vestige management for helping improve the quality of life for millions of families like me. My family is economically sound and healthy today. Thanks to my upline and downlines for the support. PULKARAM BALAKRISHNA AARCHI GARG KONKA JAYAPRAKASH PRINCEWELL A SANGMA BHUVANESHWARI V MUKESH NEHA LAWRENCE TEGITE SANGMA DHANDAYUTHAPANI M JAYAKUMAR S INDIRA KILLINGPI MUTHULINGAM K KHURSHID ALOM GANGADHAR MAHADU BHUSEKAR Not only am I healthy, I am also financially secure and more confident. I thank Vestige for all that it has given me. I am proud to be associated with such an amazing company, which sells products that hope to do good for the end user. My poised outlook is because of Vestige. Wish You Wellth. I am proud to say that I have now achieved financial stability and I did this by following Vestige's marketing plan. I was looking for a way to earn more and Vestige came as a complete surprise. I am happy to say that my hard work has paid off and I think that this is the way to achieve success.