DIAMOND DIRECTOR 36 NEW ACHIEVERS, APRIL - MAY 2022 Voice Issue 39, June 2022 My kudos to the management for coming up with a platform like Vestige and making it possible for people to earn Wellth. This company offers everyone a chance to reach for their dreams, regardless of their background. I thank my team for their hard work and support and my upline for introducing me to Vestige. I was searching for a platform which could give me the freedom of time while also offering financial independence and Vestige is the only one which provides me with both. My respected upline is to be credited for opening my eyes to the endless possibilities in Vestige. Wish You Wellth! My team members are passionate and driven individuals and they inspire me to do better every day. I have nurtured my team because they are the reason for my continued success. I thank them for helping me reach this level in Vestige and I will continue striving for higher levels with my team at my side. I give kudos to Mr Bali for this amazing platform, where anyone can achieve financial independence and secure their future. I think that in the current times, self-reliance has become a necessity for the average person. Thanks to the exemplary Vestige marketing plan, I have created a business for myself. I encourage people to join Vestige as independent distributors and invest in their future. My search for a comfortable future led me to Vestige. Not only am I financially comfortable at this time, but I am also on the path to achieving financial independence. The flexible timings also allow me to pursue my interests and give time to my loved ones. I am very thankful to this company for turning my life around. For those looking to make a career in direct selling, look no further than Vestige. As an independent distributor of this company, I have seen a good number of success stories being made, including my own. I have reached this level of success which I had previously thought impossible. Vestige changed my negative perception of direct selling drastically. Through personal experience, I learned that this platform has infinite potential for those looking to earn. Thank you for changing my life, Vestige! There were times when I felt unsure about my position as an independent distributor in Vestige, but my upline always motivated me and helped me back on track. My upline has been critical in ensuring my continued success. My success story is made possible because of them. Vestige has given me the chance to prove myself and I feel proud of my position in life. I believe my persistence is the reason why I have achieved this level of success and Vestige has only fed my desire to achieve even greater success. I will certainly aim higher and higher. My experience in this organisation has been wonderful and I look forward to achieving greater success in this system. On seeing the great quality of Vestige’s products firsthand, I chose to join as an independent distributor. I thank the management for always being encouraging and ready to help. The future in Vestige looks very promising. I always had an interest in business and dreamt of being an entrepreneur. Vestige is the opportunity that I was looking for and this organisation has allowed me to grow my own business. Not just that, I am earning a comfortable living and I while also pursuing my interests! My advice to all is to follow the system and duplicate it. Their comprehensive success plan outlines how independent distributors can find success at Vestige. You are sure to achieve success this way. I am proud to say that I am a member of the Vestige family and I have achieved so much within the system. ANTONY GEORGE J JAYAMMA T C BHAGAVANTHA REDDY GACHUMALE SONIYA SHARMA AJITH SK VINOD KUMAR RAJPUT SHOMI RONRA SHIMRAY RANJIT DUTTA BANDI VARSHA SAVITA MURALI S RITABEN P PATELIA CHATHALLA SRINIVAS NANDHINI V I am very proud to be a part of the Vestige family and hope to continue my association with this wonderful organisation. The comprehensive marketing plan was what first attracted me to Vestige. Vestige accounts for the future and is a forward-thinking company. I have achieved this level of success and I am sure that I will go much farther. I thank my downlines and team members for their support and I can't wait to see what my future with Vestige brings. Vestige has made it possible for people like me to gain respect. Thank you, Vestige!