CROWN DIRECTOR NEW ACHIEVERS, APRIL - MAY 2022 34 Voice Issue 39, June 2022 The way I learned about Vestige and became inspired to make a huge change in my life, this is all thanks to my talented upline. Their success story made me realise that failures were simply a part of life and that good things awaited me if I pushed past that. I thank my upline for always believing in me and helping me reach here. Thanks to Vestige, I can proudly say that I am able to provide my loved ones with a comfortable lifestyle. This is a platform where people can turn their lives around and achieve their biggest dreams. Thanks to my upline, I was given the chance to change my life and reach for a higher quality of life. I have reached this level of success thanks to my respected upline. They are truly an inspiration and have always encouraged me and applauded my efforts. A combination of hard work, excellent advice and luck are what has landed me in this position. I would like to thank the management for motivating and encouraging me and especially to my team members for supporting me. My success is thanks to these people backing me up all this time. I now wish to support them and help them achieve their own dreams as we continue the Vestige journey together. TEJASRI GADDAM KONGARA SEETHA RAMAIAH PUSHPA CHHETRI SHAHNAZ BEGUM Many thanks to the management for coming up with an amazing platform like this. I am so proud that I found my way to Vestige. Each day, I am meeting like-minded people who are passionate about Wellth; this experience has enriched me as a person as well. Vestige allows me not just the opportunity to be financially independent, it also offers me a flexible schedule. I get to plan my time around my family and not around my business. As a familyoriented person, I believe that gaining financial independence enables me to provide a comfortable living for my loved ones. I am so grateful that I found Vestige. Vestige gave me a chance to achieve financial independence and support my loved ones. Thank you to Vestige for giving me this opportunity. Financial independence is something I find important and believe that everyone should strive towards it. KOUAKOU ERIC TEHUA (GHANA) TANOE EMMANUEL CONST ADE (GHANA) VIJAY KUMAR BHASIN (GHANA)