33 CROWN DIRECTOR NEW ACHIEVERS, APRIL - MAY 2022 June 2022, Voice Issue 39 A special thanks to the Vestige management for coming up with a system that works. I would like to thank my downlines for their continuous support and for helping to achieve this level of success. None of this would have been possible without them. Thank you very much, Vestige! I worked hard, listened to my mentor's sage advice and grew my business. My efforts have paid off; I have achieved this level of success and I know that only bigger and better things await me. Vestige offers people from all walks of life an opportunity to aim for the stars and the things that they previously thought impossible. Thank you, Vestige! The thing I liked the best about Vestige is that your team's success determines your success. I am happy that I get the chance to bring change in people's lives. Vestige gives me the opportunity to help people and supplement my own success. I am very lucky to be a part of this family. In Vestige, I have witnessed success stories like none other and inspirational figures who continue to strive ahead and touch new heights of success. I hope to continue gaining greater success at this amazing company. Vestige showed me that it is possible for me to be successful and I am very grateful. Vestige is one of the few places where people from all backgrounds can come and achieve success. The only thing that your success depends on is your determination and how hard you are willing to work. Before starting my Vestige business, I was disappointed with my life. Despite putting in much effort in my career, I was not able to realise my dreams. I thank Vestige for bringing financial stability in my life and for giving me a platform to realise my dreams. I am proud to work with Vestige and I want to thank all my downlines and the Vestige management for their support and trust. I have reached this level of success through my hard work and I know that I have more to achieve. I won't rest at this point and will keep striving for the top. I thank my team for always being supportive. I will work to uplift them to my level and improve their lives. A. SANDHYA Vestige supports its independent distributors and this is what makes their system different from other direct selling companies. The amount of encouragement I have received so far has allowed me to keep pushing myself harder and climb higher. UPMA KATARE USHA RANI RENUDEVI MOHAN LAL GUPTA RITA CHATTERJEE NURALAMHOSSAIN LAXMI NARAYAN