CROWN DIRECTOR NEW ACHIEVERS, APRIL - MAY 2022 32 Voice Issue 39, June 2022 For the longest time, I was looking for one such company with which I could feel that my future is safe and then came Vestige. It totally transformed my experience in direct selling. Worldclass, user-friendly and pocketfriendly products with high-end infrastructure and pro-active management made my journey so easy. Vestige provided wings to my dreams. Vestige is an opportunity like no other. I am amazed by the possibilities that Vestige has made available to me. I can improve my health while ensuring that I can support myself financially and lead a comfortable life. I thank my team for always being supportive. I will work to uplift them to my level and improve their lives. I have reached this level of success through my hard work and I know that I have more to achieve. I won't rest at this point and will keep striving for the top. I have always wanted to help people and impact the society positively. When I started consuming Vestige products, I realised that this was the way to reach people. I soon became an independent distributor to share the products with everyone who needs them. The training and guidance from my successful uplines helped me achieve this level now. I have a passion for helping people, but when it came down to making a big difference in the world, I was at a loss and I didn’t know how to achieve this. Then the Vestige opportunity came knocking at my door and I found a way to transform people’s lives while improving my own. Thank you, Vestige! I used to work as an electrician. Once I used Vestige products and experienced good results, this inspired me to join as an independent distributor. Vestige’s highly rewarding products and rewarding marketing plan if what makes it stand out from all other direct selling companies. The company offers you a great opportunity to enrich your life and fulfil your dreams. This is an opportunity like no other as this company opens doors for greater things. To the independent distributors in Vestige, just believe in the marketing plan, follow it to the letter, and your wildest dreams are sure to be realised. Vestige came as a source of inspiration in my life. I found a drastic change in my overall well-being after using Vestige's products and I joined Vestige as an independent distributor. I strongly believe that Vestige gives you the chance to prove your true potential and achieve success in your life. DIPESH JOSHI C J LALHMINGMAWII CHAPALA VENKATESHWARLU KARNE VENKAT RAMULU GEETHA M KALANITHI M R MUTHUVELAN GURU CHARAN RAJAHANS