This year, to enhance your wellbeing and to overhaul our health offerings with the support of cutting-edge technology, we are transforming CNT to Cellular Nourishment Technology, which will be an enhanced version of your overall wellness mantra. My dear Vestigians, remember most direct selling companies don’t survive beyond a few years. Vestige, an Indian-origin direct selling company, completing 18 years of a successful journey, covering 2.5 million lives, is a testimony how the Wellth Revolution is effective in adding value to the lives of people through good health. I am sure your remarkable achievements in the days to come will take Vestige to higher peaks of success and we will definitely connect more people with good health. The society needs good health and Vestige is here to provide it. Good health is what connects us all as a community. Wish You Wellth! GAUTAM BALI MANAGING DIRECTOR Our Vestige World My Dear Vestigians, Good morning Vestige turned 18 with a very crucial message for all in the post-pandemic – Health Connects Us All. Why health connects us all? Health is the parameter of our viability, of our existence and of our ability to influence others. Without good health we cannot build a good business, we can’t achieve our goals and realise our dreams. The secret behind Vestige’s phenomenal success is that we have always prioritised your overall wellbeing. We know a healthy you can pursue your goals with vigour and vitality. Therefore, we have always ensured that you remain healthy. Health connects us all – our people, our employees, the management, the vendors, our partners, everyone. Health connects you with your prospects, with your downlines and uplines. Good health allows you to take extraordinary steps to upgrade your life to the next level. You know our company’s principal health doctrine had been Cellular Nourishment Therapy (CNT). We believe cells, the basic parts of our bodies, need good nutrition for our overall wellness. There are three components of the CNT – good food, good water and good air. Vestige has so far brought you all these components through its wide range of product offerings.