Voice Issue 39

UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR 29 NEW ACHIEVERS, APRIL - MAY 2022 June 2022, Voice Issue 39 I like direct selling because it’s the industry where we can grow ourselves together. I was in the system of a different direct selling company for five years, but there I didn't get proper success and couldn’t realise any of my dreams. I took up the Vestige opportunity in 2012, but initially I didn't work and there were no actions at my end. After two years, I experienced few products and was overwhelmed. Then I took up with much vigour and within this short span of time I’ve achieved this level. I’m glad to find a system where the management offers so much support to the distributors and help them grow. I’m a doctor but I learned that in my profession it’s not easy to achieve great success in life by doing private practice alone. Then I started searching for an avenue that will help me in making my life better. It was then that Vestige came to my life and I’m thankful to the company as through its platform I could fulfil my dreams and aspirations. The passive income to make the financial future of my family secure has made me a jubilant supporter of Vestige’s plan. I’m thankful to my team members for their contribution to my success. DIPENDRA BABU K C Haridwar, Uttarakhand YOGESH NAGAR Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh