Voice Issue 39

UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR 28 NEW ACHIEVERS, APRIL - MAY 2022 Voice Issue 39, June 2022 I am proud to be associated with a company which spreads goodwill. With international standard products at affordable prices, Vestige offers Indian customers a range of world-class products. This selection of do-good products enrich your life with their goodness and positivity. SHIVKANT MISHRA Gurugram, Haryana I joined Vestige as an independent distributor in November 2015 because I was dissatisfied with my job. My family and I faced many health issues and because of Vestige's concept of "Wellth", we are healthy and thriving. It makes me very happy to see my father enjoy all the luxuries of life. This is all thanks to Vestige and keeping my loved ones happy is my motivation to continue down this road.My message to all is that in Vestige, a bright career is not a distant dream. SONAM VISHWAKARMA Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh