India Catalogue_ September 2022_English

WOMEN HEALTH Vestige Hair Skin & Nail is a unique formulation that helps in reducing hair loss, pigmentation, reducing the effects of pollution on hair and skin. It helps to promote the health of nails and glowing skin. Recommended Usage: Net Content: MRP One capsule once or twice daily with meals 60 capsules `585.00 incl. of all taxes HAIR SKIN & NAIL* Vestige U-Control uses a proprietary blend of Pumpkin seed extract and Soy isoflavones to provide natural, clinically proven support for healthy bladder function. By toning and maintaining the strength of bladder muscles and sustaining the pelvic floor, U-Control helps in better control of the bladder and combats urinary incontinence. • Supports healthy and normal bladder function • Reduces excessive urge to urinate • Reduces nocturnal urination • Reduces frequency of urination • Improves sleep quality • Improves quality of life index Recommended Usage: Net Content: MRP One capsule daily 30 capsules `1600.00 incl. of all taxes U-CONTROL 27 Health Care