India Catalogue_ September 2022_English

26 Health Care Vestige Eye Support has Marigold and Bilberry extracts, which are beneficial for eye health. These extracts are rich in Lutein, which helps in improving the eyesight, night vision and prevent eye irritation. It also helps to prevent eye disorders like macular degeneration, eye inflammation and other retina related complications. Eye Support* Recommended Usage: Net Content: MRP Two capsules daily with meals 30 capsules `625.00 incl. of all taxes Changing lifestyle habits disrupt the normal sleep cycle and often make people feel lethargic, less energetic and unproductive during the day. The active ingredients of Vestige Melatonin Oral Spray help in inducing natural sleep and thereby they help in regulating the sleep cycle. This non-addictive spray helps to promote calmness and enables the mind to focus better on work. Due to this, the mornings become refreshing and the body remains relaxed all-day-long, which ensures better productivity. MELATONIN ORAL SPRAY Recommended Usage: Net Content: MRP 3 oral sprays under the tongue, 30-60 minutes before bedtime 30 ml `460.00 incl. of all taxes