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18 Health Care One tablespoon (10 g) of Vestige Protein Powder provides 8.2 g of protein with all essential amino acids A low-fat soy and milk protein food supplement that provides the body with all the essential amino acids. It is soluble, easy to digest protein powder, and is quickly absorbed into the body. It contains bioactive isoflavones, which help in regulating blood cholesterol and boost immunity. It is especially beneficial for people involved in sports, weight watchers and for general wellness. PROTEIN POWDER* Recommended Usage: 500 g `2350.00 incl. of all taxes Net Content: MRP 200 g `1050.00 incl. of all taxes Net Content: MRP One tablespoon (10 g) of Vestige Protein Powder in a glass of milk, juice, soup or water. Shake well in a jar or container. Consume twice a day FITNESS & DIET RISING Hydroxy-methyl-butyrate (HMB) is a chemical produced when the body breaks down leucine, an amino acid and necessary building block of protein. By slowing protein breakdown and speeding up protein synthesis (ie, a process to produce new proteins), HMB helps in building muscles and preventing muscle loss. HMB is also helpful in maintaining, rebuilding and preventing damage to muscles. It helps in increasing muscle strength, muscle recovery and improves aerobic endurance, making it helpful not just for athletes, but also for ageing individuals and patients convalescing from illness. One sachet to be dissolved in 200 ml of water. 15 sachets x 5 g = 75 g `1875.00 incl. of all taxes Recommended Usage: Net Content: MRP HMB