India Catalogue_ September 2022_English

KRILL OIL* Antarctic Krill, which is the source of Krill Oil, is comprised of three major components - omega-3 fatty acids, primarily eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) attached to phospholipids and astaxanthin. Most of the omega-3 fatty acids in Krill Oil are attached to phospholipids, making them more bioavailable to the body, and allowing omega-3 to be easily absorbed by target organs such as the heart, brain and liver, where they exert their beneficial effects. Vestige Prime Krill Oil is extracted by a proprietary technology, called Multi Stage Oil extraction (MSO®) process, that assures high-quality oil which has superior stability, quality and organoleptic properties. SOURCE OF PHOSPHOLIPID, OMEGA – 3 WITH ASTAXANTHIN Recommended Usage: Net Content: MRP One to two capsules daily with food 30 capsules `1435.00 incl. of all taxes combiotics* Vestige Prime Combiotics is a unique product in a capsule-in-capsule form with a mixture of multivitamins and minerals along with prebiotics and probiotics, which not only takes care of the body’s nutritional requirements but also supports a healthy digestive system. MULTI-VITAMIN, MULTI-MINERAL WITH PROBIOTICS CAPSULES Recommended Usage: Net Content: MRP One capsule a day after meal 30 capsules `525.00 incl. of all taxes RISING 11 Vestige Prime