India Catalogue_ September 2022_English

My Dear Vestigians, Managing Director Gautam Bali I extend my hearty greetings to all of you for helping Vestige triumph and success. Since its inception, Vestige has been growing at a phenomenal rate, thanks to you and your diligence. I am sure, at this pace, Vestige will reach such peaks of success that no other Indian direct selling company has even dreamt of. Our increasing global presence and our continuously expanding product portfolio testify that Vestige is not going to stop at any point but raise the bar continuously to achieve more. It is this desire to achieve more that drives a person or an organisation towards success. We at Vestige never feel content with our achievements and this is a reason that we never stop surpassing records set by ourselves. My dear Vestige family members, remember in Vestige's world, health connects us all – which is also the theme of our 18th year. We believe, health connects everyone, our customers, our distributors, our partners, our vendors, you and us. This is why we emphasise on health. My dear Vestigians, we have one life and so much to achieve. You have already done some incredible things that are unprecedented in the direct selling industry. Now we have to do more, we have to double our efforts so that Vestige can become the world’s topmost direct selling company. We have sailed amidst rough weather and faced tough situations to become a veteran player. Now, nothing can be considered impossible for us in Vestige as we ought to bring changes that no one has ever seen in this industry. I hope to see you on higher peaks of success in the future, which inevitably belongs to Vestige. Wish You Wellth!