My Success Plan_September 2023

W E L C O M E T O T H E V E S T I G E F A M I L Y By pursuing a career as an independent distributor of Vestige, you are actually shaping your own destiny and building a rock solid foundation for a successful and independent future, which you can achieve through your perseverance and hard work. The more you strive to achieve higher levels of success within the Vestige system, the more you will inspire people and turn into a beacon that others will look up for guidance and leadership. We at Vestige just don't provide you with another source of livelihood, we enable you to earn respect and be an inspiring leader for others to follow as well. Dear Distributor, Congratulations! You have chosen the right path of building an astounding career by opting for the oppor tunity provided by Vestige. We welcome you to the league of those people who have carved a niche for themselves in the world of entrepreneurship through direct selling. Gautam Bali TheVestigeWorld Powered with zeal to grow, expand and distinguish itself in the Indian as well as international direct selling industry, Vestige has covered a successful journey since 2004, when the company 0 was founded. With a wide gamut of products and brands, Vestige provides 360 wellness coverage to people of all age groups and empowers them to live a qualitatively better life. Vestige has deep domain exper tise in research and development of highly effective health supplements, personal care products, colour cosmetic products, men's grooming range, home care products, etc. The testimony of Vestige's success lies in the fact that every year the company is growing by leaps and bounds and paving way for numerous people to achieve success by spreadingWellth. Armed with a widespread network of branch offices, ware houses, international office, District Level Contact Points (DLCP), Mini DLCPs, Distributor Consulting Centres (DCC), and a dedicated customer-centric manpower, Vestige is striving to provide the best quality products and exceptional services to you and millions of other distributors every day. Through a well-crafted education system that empowers people to go all-out towards success,Vestige relentlessly trains distributors like you by conducting thousands of training sessions throughout the year. Vestige is an ISO 9001:2015 organisation; its manufacturing par tner is a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Halal cer tified company. Vestige is also bestowed with the Cer tificate of Excellence in Productivity, Quality, Innovation and Management by the Institute of Economic Studies (IES).Vestige is a member of the prestigious Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA), and it is proudly associated with the most admired industry and commerce body of India, FICCI. In your success lies our success. The core values of Vestige are Respect, Honesty, Passion, Growth, Freedom and Happiness. These core values combined with your passion for success, positive attitude and perseverance will form a formidable par tnership. This par tnership will enable us to reach new heights of success together. In the following pages of this Success Plan, we will elaborate the unique and robust career growth plan that Vestige offers. The promises made by Vestige are realistic and are achievable if you industriously work towards creating strong bonds and relationships, and if you empower others to achieve success by following the system religiously. 01 Founder and Managing Director Gautam Bali