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CODE OF ETHICS P O L I C I E S / R U L E S + R E G U L A T I O N S 12 4 Renewal of Distributorship 1. The Company does not charge any renewal fee. Distributorship is discontinued if the distributor resigns and if the resignation is accepted by the Company.The distributorship is terminated by the Company if the distributor does not conduct any Business with the Company for more than two years or for any violations of Company policies. 2. In the above cases the distributor will be required to put for th his/her claims within one month of the date of the above happenings, thereafter no claim will be enter tained. The claims will be settled as per Company's Policy. 3. The limitation period of claiming any amount due to the distributor by Vestige shall be three years. No claims after a period of three years from the due date shall be enter tained by Vestige. c. Signing up under another sponsor to operate his/her new distributorship when his/her previous distributorship is still valid. No Cross Sponsoring of distributorship shall be allowed. “Cross Sponsoring" in this context means: b. Signing up the wife when the husband is already a distributor or vice versa. In the event of Cross Sponsoring or in the event of a distributor using a second or multiple IDs, the following procedure shall be followed: e. If son or unmarried daughter joins the business with their own ID but their line of sponsorship is not under their Family^^ ID, then such a case will be treated as cross sponsoring and the ID taken by son/unmarried daughter will be terminated. a. Signing up an existing distributor from another group. d. Allowing other people or relative to use his/her distributorship to do business. Same will apply for any of the family members not joining under their son/ unmarried daughter's line of sponsorship. 8 Labeling, Packaging and Pricing The product description, labeling, pricing and packaging done/determined by the Company is final and sacrosanct. No alteration is permissible in these. Distributor(s) are not authorised to relabel, repack, and alter description or sale products loose or in a form not originally caused by the Company or at a price not fixed by the Company. Allegations against distributor(s) for contravening this rule shall be investigated and appropriate action will be taken. 7 Representations Made by Distributors 9 Cross Sponsoring/Multiple IDs a. Distributor(s) shall not exaggerate or misrepresent benefits associated with the Company and the Company's products and services. b. Distributor(s) must know and convey that earnings come only through hard work, commitment and consistent effor ts. c. Distributor(s) shall not make claims other than what is mentioned in the Company's plans and literature about products, quality and earnings. Company has the unconditioned rights to take any and all actions including seeking damages for distributor's action/inaction inviting and causing illrepute / loss to the Company for misdeclaration or misrepresentation. Irrespective of the level attained, if a distributor does not place any order in preceding twenty four months or more, since the DAF was entered or since the last purchase by the distributor, then the Company reserves the right to take a decision (including termination) regarding the distributorship of the said distributor. If the distributor does not place any order with the Company for the preceding nine months, the distributor will be termed as an “Inactive distributor”. After completion of inactive period the distributor can join under any of the distributors, and can take a fresh ID. The distributor has to place order (with PV, excluding orders on Vestige Best Deals) within 35 days of joining. If the order is not placed then it will result in distributor's application not being accepted by the Company and the ID will be rendered invalid. 10 Place Order 6 Submission of Distributor Application Form (ii) In the event any distributor is found doing activity in any network including but not limited to promoting the network of a blood relative/relative/acquaintance or Company/firm/entity/enterprise (whose beneficiary is any of the listed above), at any Vestige event/office/DLCP, on social media or any other location, during the cooling off period (within six months of resigning –termed as inactivity rule or period), the related ID will be treated as a second ID and the same will be terminated and the network under the ID/IDs will move up to the next higher id. (I) If an active distributor is found promoting a network in another line of Sponsorship including but not limited to promoting the network of a blood relative/relative/acquaintance or Company/firm/entity/enterprise (whose beneficiary is any of the listed above), at any Vestige event/office/DLCP, on social media or any other location, then the Company will take appropriate action against that distributor. Once the other ID/IDs for which the distributor has been doing activities/promotion is identified, the ID/IDs for whom the distributor is doing activities/promotion will be terminated and the network under the ID/IDs will move up to the next higher id. (iv) The Company will take strict action for Cross Sponsoring as per the above rules. In addition the Distributor who was involved in Cross Sponsoring will be severely warned and fined/suspended for such activities. If the Distributor does not stop such activities the Company will terminate the distributorship and also withhold the Bonus payment of any distributor who is found continually doing Cross Sponsoring of any other existing Distributors. In addition if the distributor is running any DLCP/MINI DLCP/DCC, the same will also be closed down by the Company. (v) After resignation/termination the network will go to his/her direct upline, subject to Renewal/Reconciliation/vacancy Policy of the Company. (vii) However, in a situation, when the complaint against a distributor regarding Cross Sponsoring is filed within twelve months, but the ID/IDs are not identified within the same period, then the complainant must submit the details of such ID/IDs within three months of filing the complaint.The Company will take action as per above clause (vi) after getting the details of other ID/IDs. (ix) If any distributor is found taking different IDs, the Company will take strict action against the distributor which can also lead to the termination of all the IDs, as and when they are discovered. In case the Management finds out that the registration of a distributorship/ second ID was done through unethical means, or without the distributor's consent/knowledge, or by submitting illegible/invalid documents, then the Company will terminate the ID/IDs, which the management may deem fit and the network of such terminated ID/IDs will move up to the next higher distributor. In addition, the distributor who initiated the above mentioned activities will be subjected to disciplinary action by the Company that may result in the Company suspending/terminating/withholding bonus payments of the distributor and/or imposing a fine on the distributor. (iii) Appearance in any form of meetings offline or at any digital platform, etc., within the cooling off period of resigning, will render the resignation of the distributor in question nullified due to violation of the inactivity rule.The distributor's “cooling off ” period will be recounted from the date of the second ID's termination. (vi) If the Company receives a complaint within twelve months of Cross Sponsoring, and after investigation it is found that the complaint is valid, then the Company will terminate the second/later ID/IDs of the distributor and the network developed under the second/later ID/IDs will be shifted under the first ID or can remain under the terminated ID as per the decision of the management. The Company shall be free to decide the appropriate penalty in all cases of Cross Sponsoring/Multiple IDs and its decision in this regard shall be final. (viii) If the complaint is received after more than twelve months of a distributor taking other ID/IDs, the same will not be enter tained. On receipt of such complaint, the Company will terminate one of the IDs of the distributor, which ever the company may deem fit, and the network will remain with the active ID. 5 KYC A person/entity who completes the KYC (Aadhar Card, Driving License,Voter ID Card, Passpor t, Ration Card, or any other identity document(s) issued by any State Government or the Central Government, which can be verified) formalities and fills the Distributor Application + Agreement Form (the “Applicant”) shall be assigned an Applicant Number. The Applicant Number shall be valid for 35 days and the Applicant shall be confirmed as a distributor pursuant to it carrying out atleast one transaction within 35 days from the date of submission of the Distributor Application + Agreement Form. Subject to ComplianceWith Clause 5; b. In case the prospect fills the DAF online and sends the scanned copy of signed DAF along with KYC documents to the Company, the distributor can commence Business with the Company only after an order has been placed.. However, if the distributor does not submit the copy of DAF with signatures (to be verified with Passpor t/Driving License/PAN) within 35 days of joining online, the distributor’s ID will become invalid. a. In case a prospect fills the hard copy of Distributor Application Form (DAF), he/she shall be entitled to commence business and build a network only upon completion of KnowYour Customer (”KYC”) and physical submission of Distributor Application Form (DAF) at any of the Company's Centres and only after an order has been placed. 11 Inactive Distributor