HealthZine Issue 26

• VeslimCapsule - Four potent herbal ingredients—Opuntia vulgaris, Garcinia cambogia, Coleus forskohlii, and Piperine are combined in the Veslim capsules. These components work towards suppressing the appetite without sacrificing nutrition. Veslim capsule assists in burning calories while improving metabolism, increasing stamina and endurance. • Veslim Tea - Vestige Veslim Tea is a healthier alternative to tea, co ee, aerated or sweetened beverages. It is enriched with green tea, green co ee extract, and Garcinia cambogia extract and is also enhanced with delicious honey lemon flavor. The ingredients of Veslim Tea aid in weight management by enhancing metabolism, burning fat, and keeping the body energetic. It is a healthy alternative to carbonated and aerated beverages. • Veslim Shake – To have a positive result in weight loss, it is important to regulate calorie consumption. For a proper weight management process, Vestige has come up with Veslim Shake, which can help in managing calorie intake in a healthy and nutritious way by providing you with the complete nutrition of balanced meal without overloading with unnecessary fats and calories. 2