HealthZine Issue 26

1 Let’s check your awareness Q1. Which is/are the herbal ingredients present in Vestige Veslim Capsule • Opuntia vulgaris • Garcinia cambogia • Coleus forskohlii and Piperine • All of the above Q2. A glass of prepared Vestige Veslim Shake has • 22 essential vitamins and minerals • 21 essential vitamins and minerals • 20 essential vitamins and minerals Q3. Vestige Veslim Tea is enriched with • Green Tea • Green Co ee • Garcinia Cambogia extracts • All the above Correct answers are given on last page Know about the complete Vestige Veslim Range The rangeof VestigeVeslimincludes threeproducts in it namelyVeslim Capsules, VeslimTea, andVeslimShake. All theseproducts areprocessed in such amanner that theycanhelp inyour weight loss journey. It is specially designed forweightmanagement and tosupport you to feel lighter, healthier, andbetter thanever. It alsoprovides you away tomanagehealthybodyweight and leadahealthier lifeusingbalanced nutrition.