HealthZine Issue 13

Krill oil standsout fromthecrowdwithauniqueadvantage when it comes tosupportingyour heart andyour heart systems.What does it boil down to?Krill oil containsboth omega-3 fattyacids andcholineo eringa2-pronged approach toprovidingsupport for your heart. Why Krill Oil is important to keep Heart healthy? Krill oil is extracted fromtheAntarctickrill. Krill are small shrimp-likecrustaceanspacked full of health promoting long-chainomega-3 fattyacids (EPA&DHA), phospholipids, cholineandastaxanthin. What is Krill Oil? Theseessential fattyacids areoneof themost researchednutrients, withawide rangeof healthbenefits for your heart. OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS EPA & DHA Phospholipids helpomega-3s integrate into thecellmembranes andmay beabetter delivery formto thebody’sorgans thanothermarineoils. PHOSPHOLIPIDS Choline is anessential nutrient vital formanybody functions suchas nerve signaling, liver andmuscle functioning. Our bodycan'tmakeenough, thereforewe must obtain it fromour diet. CHOLINE This natural antioxidant gives krill oil its beautiful redcolor. It alsoprotects theoil from oxidation, eliminating theneed toadd preservatives. ASTAXANTHIN 2