omegranate is also known as Punica granatum a deciduous fruit-bearing shrub that grows between 5 cm to 10 cm tall and is available from September to February in the Northern Hemisphere. No doubt it can be eaten whole but people mostly love to enjoy it in the juice form. It is also used in baking, preparing smoothies, meal garnishing, making cocktails/mocktails and alcoholic beverages. P Pomegranate is very low in calories and fat but is high in minerals, vitamins, and fibre. It has many benefits as well that can help you live a better life. • It may help you prevent inflammation. • It can be beneficial for your heart health. • It may support urinary health. • It may have antimicrobial properties. • It can help in improving endurance. • It may help in better brain functioning. • It may help in aiding digestive health. * Source: 2 Pomegranate has its own benefits