6 • Arrange nachos in a single layer on a microwave-safe tray. • Add vegetables atop that and top with grated cheese. • Sprinkle seasonings over the cheese. • Microwave for 10 minutes or until the cheese melts. • Serve the cheezy nachos immediately. METHOD: Sunday Funday Recipe: CHEEZY NACHOS • 1 packet of nachos • 100 g grated cheese • 1 bowl chopped vegetables • Seasonings of your choice INGREDIENTS: HEALTHY Sunday Funday Kids with Sunday Funday with Kids curates recipes especially for kids and young teens who are interested in cooking and making their family happy and delighted. These recipes are easier for children and teens to start cooking. Family time is very important and precious, and today, with our busy schedules we tend to miss this time and are busy in our work. Let’s work on creating a funday with our kids and enjoy the Sunday. This month’s recipe is a quick and tasty cheezy nachos. Kids love such recipes since they are so easy to put together and are the perfect after-school snack.