5 4 essential tips to stay healthy during rainy season! 1. Drink clean water and stay hydrated! Getting stomach woes during the rainy season is quite common as there are high chances of water resources being contaminated. Boil water before using or take a water bottle with you. 2. Don’t eat junk food! Street food is usually spicy and junk food and can lead to bloating, acidity and indigestion. The vegetables and water used to make the food are exposed to constant humidity and can be contaminated. 3. Binge on immunity-boosting fruits! Fruits are rich, natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Including Vitamin C-rich fruits like oranges is considered to be one of the healthiest ways to boost immunity and fight infection. 4. Keep an umbrella and avoid rain! It is very normal to feel tempted to shower in the rain. However, the pollutants and dirt can get trapped on your skin and hair and harm you. Make sure to take a warm bath if you get drenched.