• Take raw mango and with water in a pressure cooker. • Cover and pressure cook for 5 whistles or until the mango is cooked through. • Cool completely and peel the skin off of the mango. Scrape the pulp off of the skin as well. • Transfer the mango pulp to a blender with mint and sugar. • Blend to a smooth paste without adding any water. • Add cardamom powder, cumin powder, pepper powder and salt. • Mix well, making sure everything is combined. The aam panna concentrate is ready! • To serve, in a tall glass, take a tbsp of aam panna concentrate and add a few ice cubes. • Pour in cold water and mix well. • Garnish with fresh mint leaves and enjoy. METHOD: FOR PRESSURE COOKING: • 1 raw mango • 2 cups water OTHER INGREDIENTS: • 3 tbsp mint • ¼ cup sugar • ½ tsp cardamom powder • ½ tsp cumin powder • ½ tsp pepper powder • ¾ tsp salt FOR SERVING: • A few ice cubes • Cold water INGREDIENTS: 4 Aam Panna