Vestige e-catalogue - English (May 2024)

Recommended Usage: Net Quantity: MRP One softgel capsule per day 30 Units (Softgel Capsules) ` 460.00 incl. of all taxes HER OWN Vestige Her Own is a robust health and wellness booster for modern women who wear multiple hats. Powered by 11 minerals, 13 multi-vitamins, 6 natural extracts, and 6 amino acids, these capsules help combat fatigue, manage PMS, reduce hot flashes and mood swings, maintain high energy and hormonal functions. Daily consumption of these capsules will enhance the overall wellbeing of women and allow them to stay active all day long. Changing lifestyle habits disrupt the normal sleep cycle and often make people feel lethargic, less energetic and unproductive during the day. The active ingredients of Vestige Melatonin Oral Spray help in inducing natural sleep and thereby they help in regulating the sleep cycle. This non-addictive spray helps to promote calmness and enables the mind to focus better on work. Due to this, the mornings become refreshing and the body remains relaxed all-day-long, which ensures better productivity. MELATONIN ORAL SPRAY Recommended Usage: Net Volume: MRP Take 1 serving (3 oral sprays or as per need) 30-60 minutes before bedtime 30 ml ` 460.00 incl. of all taxes 36 Health Care With Evening Primrose Oil, Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamins & Minerals `15.33 USP `/ml `15.33 USP `/Unit