Vestige E-catalogue - English_Issue February 2024

Ultra Wash Liquid Laundry Detergent is a concentrated antibacterial formula with active pro-enzyme technology that is tough on stains and gentle on hands. Its superior cleaning properties effectively remove dirt, grime and odour from clothes. This gentle anti-bacterial detergent leaves the fabric soft and germ-free, which makes it safe even for baby clothes. Effective for both machine and hand wash. It leaves the clothes shining like new with long-lasting fragrance. It brightens up the whites and does not fade coloured clothes. Use on: All types of clothes including, cotton, synthetic, chiffon, georgette, jeans, sheets, quilts, baby clothes, etc. (Not recommended for use on wool and silk) • Powerful enzymatic cleaning action on tough stains • Protects and leaves the fabric soft and shining • Requires less water • Enriched with antibacterial Neem extract 500 ml `375.00 incl. of all taxes Net Volume: MRP ULTRA WASH LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT (Pro-Enzyme Antibacterial Formula) APPLICATION Bucket wash 1 spoon (5 ml) in half bucket (7L) of water `3.75# Machine wash Regular/medium load: 2 spoons (10 ml) or 1/2 cap Full/dirty load: 4 spoons (20 ml) or 1 cap `7.50# `15.00# Washes 50 regular loads 100 half bucket washes Washes 25 full/dirty loads AMOUNT COST PER USAGE NO. OF USAGE PER BOTTLE #Cost as per MRP Application and Cost per usage: 85 Home Care `0.75 USP `/ml