Vestige E-catalogue - English_Issue February 2024

Gently polishes the teeth, removes surface stains, such as those caused by drinking coffee or smoking and helps retain natural whiteness of the teeth. It has a cool mint flavour that gives long-lasting fresh breath while keeping your mouth fresh and clean for all day long. 90 g `150.00 incl. of all taxes Net Quantity: MRP WHITENING TOOTHPASTE The new Dentassure Multi-Action Toothbrush with 100% DuPont bristles provides superior all-round cleaning of the entire mouth. It has rounded bristles with extended tip for cleaning hard to reach places, a moulded tongue cleaner to help freshen up the breath and a gentle gum massager. Its sturdy grip and flexible neck allow easy navigation that helps to clean the mouth completely. 4 Units `260.00 incl. of all taxes Net Quantity: MRP MULTI-ACTION TOOTHBRUSH 81 Oral Care `1.67 USP `/g `65.00 USP `/Unit