Vestige E-catalogue - English_Issue February 2024

A no-gas perfume spray with a tantalising fragrance that makes your mood positive and revives your spirit. It lets you be who you are and truly impresses everyone around you with your own aura. ASSURE 100 ml (85.5 g) `325.00 incl. of all taxes Net Quantity: MRP Aura Perfume Spray 18 ml `100.00 incl. of all taxes The timeless classic sweet and subtle fragrance for the trendy and unique you. An ideal wear that keeps you smelling great all day long and effortlessly brings out the charm factor in you. Make everyone turn around to you with this magical fragrance. ASSURE Net Volume: MRP Charisma Perfume Spray Personal Care 64 Long lasting freshness Perfect pocket companion `3.25 USP `/ml `5.56 USP `/ml