Vestige E-catalogue - English_Issue February 2024

ASSURE 100 g (When packed) Net Quantity: CHERRY BLOSSOM BODY BUTTER `360.00 incl. of all taxes MRP Enriched with Cherry Blossom, Papaya and Lemon Bid goodbye to dry skin woes with a body butter with an enchanting floral fragrance that lingers all day. Assure Cherry Blossom Body Butter glides on smoothly and grants soft and supple skin with the floral scent of cherry blossoms. Apply thoroughly after a shower for moisturised and hydrated skin. ASSURE 5 Units x (1 Unit x 5 g + 3 Units x 10 g) = 175 g Net Quantity: INSTA-GLOW FACIAL KIT `700.00 incl. of all taxes MRP Enriched with Mulberry and Gold Dust The ultimate solution for enticing, glowing skin in just 4 easy steps! Enriched with mulberry and gold dust to brighten skin and improve texture, this is the luxury facial experience available right at home. The box contains 4 sachets: facial cleanser, face scrub, facial massage cream and facial mask. Rejuvenate skin, clean off dirt and grime and brighten skin tone with the whole package. Get ready for your picture-perfect moment! Personal Care 57 `3.60 USP `/g `4.00 USP `/g