Vestige E-catalogue - English_Issue February 2024

The stronger the foundation, the longer you live Being healthy is important because it can help a person have a healthy heart, better muscles, stronger bones, a sense of well-being and a better social life. Eating right and correct exercising will lead to overall better health. When exercise and healthy eating are achieved on a daily basis, people tend to feel better about themselves. While the spectrum of health problems resulting from calorie-protein undernutrition is different from the “empty-calories” overfeeding, both can have devastating consequences on both quality of life and longevity. So, Vestige brings a range of products to fulfil the daily gap of nutrition for an individual. The range consists of health supplements for healthy immunity, cardiovascular system, glycemic health, detox, rejuvenation, women health, fitness and for healthy bones and joints. This range of supplements from Vestige enables people to live a qualitatively better healthy life and step into the world of wellness. Health Care