Vestige E-catalogue - English_Issue February 2024

Vestige Mach-Drive NanoEnergizer is an additive for the engine along with engine oil, using Ceramic Plus Metallic Coating Technology for better engine health, engine efficiency and reducing pollution. It contains 20nm platinum-coated zirconium powder emulsified in mineral oil which is ideal for engine restoration and protection. These nanoparticles create a tough and smooth layer on all parts within the engine, resulting in a smoother, quieter engine delivering more power and better mileage. MACH-DRIVE NANOENERGIZER 30 ml Net Content: `2150.00 incl. of all taxes (Four-Wheeler) MRP `1700.00 incl. of all taxes (Two/Three-Wheeler) MRP 96 Mach-Drive Engine Platinum Ceramic Coating USP `/ml `71.66 USP `/ml `56.66